The Weird Lovemakers Discography

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Must Die
23 Song CD/LP
(Empty US, 2001)

Live: Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake
17 Song CD
(eMpTy, 2000)

Back 20
17 Song CD
(Star Time, 2000)

"Pool Hopping" (New Wave Mix)
V/A: New Wave Explosion CD
(Super 8, 1999)

"Native American"
V/A: Underachievers 4 cass
(Star Time, 1999)

"Jenny Piccolo"
V/A: Girls Kick Ass CD
(Punk Rock Onion, 1999)

"Sampoerna High"
V/A: Day Dreaming In An Empty Station Wagon CD
(Dizzy, 1999)

"Mr. Fantastic"
V/A: Underachievers 3 cass
(Star Time, 1999)

Flu Shot
22 Song LP/CD
(eMpTy, 1998)

"This Man, This Monster"
V/A: If The Drugs Don't Kill Us, The Boredom Will LP
(Green Card, 1998)

Split 7"
w/ The Impossible Ones
(No Theme!, 1998)

"Eric The Half A Bee"
V/A: The Bright Side of Death
(Gaping Hanus, 1997)

"Hector's Hardcore"
V/A: Only 14% Defunct cass
(No Theme!, 1997)

"Milton Bradley"
V/A: Brine Storm
(Gouramie, 1997)

Electric Chump
28 Song CD
(Gouramie, 1996)

4 song 7" EP
(Swonk, 1995)

V/A: Tammies '95 CD
(Epiphany, 1995)

Split 7"
w/ A Band Called Moss
(Ghost Town, 1994)

"The Winding Down"
V/A: Echoes From Tucson CD
(TWU, 1994)