Some horrible and depressing news to relate here folks, sorry.

Chad Kerr; a galvanizing force in the Tucson scene, the guitarist & singer for the Blacks, and all around great fucking guy was found dead outside of American Falls, Idaho after a disappearance of over three weeks. We're all really going to miss him. This fucking sucks.

Here's a link to a page with a bunch of MP3s of an interview done with the Blacks back in October of 1999, as well as some songs recorded live to 4-track the same night.

The Blacks - Tucson AZ


Okay, here's the dope on the two shows we're doing this week:
Thursday, June 14 at 7 Black Cats in Tucson, AZ

w/ Toys that Kill (ex-F.Y.P.), the Swing Ding Amigos, the Okmoniks and maybe the Four Letter Words too.

Friday, June 15th at Hotel Pasaje in Noagles, Mexico

(Okay, Hotel Pasaje is next to Senor Amigos. It's the same street that Coco Loco is on (Obregon), just a few doors south. It's the next balcony, after Coco Loco. That's totally within walking distance of the border (like 2 minutes). Make sense?)

w/ Toys that Kill, the Swing Ding Amigos, La Merma, & maybe the Four Letter Words as well.

Hope to see you all there!

Oh, and check out the stuff Hector's been writing over at! Look for "Sector Hector". In his most recent column he interviews one of the guys from The Nubs!!!!

Just a quick update here: we'll be playing June 14th at 7 Black Cats in Tucson. Maybe w/ Toys that Kill (ex-FYP) & the Stiches outta CA (!!!!), and the next night down in Noagles Mexico w/ Toys that Kill for sure & a bunch more that I'm not positive on (maybe La Merma & Swing Ding Amigo?). Maybe the Stiches as well, I dunno. Sparse info for sure, but it's all I've got. See you there!

Hey all, we've got a couple of shows coming up in the middle of June. Not totally sure about the dates yet but it looks like about the 15th or 16th in Nogales, Mexico & maybe a show in Tucson right around the same time. We'll post the dates as soon as they're nailed down. Whenever thay are, they'll be on or near Hector & Jason's birthdays, so feel free to send them some crack.

Lots of good releases by Tucson bands are coming out or have just come out... a great new full length cd by Los Federales (I'd tell you their address but when I called they just hung up on me), and a couple of new singles by The Blacks (one's a split w/ Swing Ding Amigo, another rocking Tucson outfit. Try Chemical Valley/ PO BOX 77142/ Tucson, AZ/ 85703). There's probably more that I'm spacing right now, but it's pretty early in the morning (hey, maybe that's why Los Federales hung up on me?). We're gonna try & put a couple of new songs from a few bands on our Tucson Jukebox if we can get it together; and list some more contact adresses as well. Once again however, you'll just have to CHECK BACK LATER.

The second issue of Razorcake just came out (a cool new fan/web zine that's got a lot of ex-Flipsiders working on it) and in addition to good interviews w/ Scared of Chaka & the like, there's a pretty fucking positive review of Back 20 to found there (or here, if you'd like to read it). Wanna check out Back 20 for yourself? Yeah? No? Well whatever your answer is you oughtta send $8 (post paid!) to:


and Scott'll mail one right out to you just as fast can be. He's such a sweetie, he'll probably throw in some kind of nutty bonus for you as well. Oh my! He's such a doll. You probably ought to send him some crack, too.

What else? Let's see... oh, the editing on the video has kinda come to a halt 'cause we've decided to film some of the upcoming shows as well & throw them in (if they come out okay). We really love playing Mexico, and there's not much footage of us down there (what we have is pretty dark), so hopefully this situation will remedied & the rest of the world can enjoy a little touch o' Mexico via the Weird Lovemakers. If it doesn't work out, well fuck you. We tried.

Hey was it a stupid idea to call our new record "The Weird Lovemakers Must Die"? Is this some kind of fucking jinx we saddled ourselves with? It's been delayed for months, Hector's moved out of state... did I mention that Gerard broke his arm about a month ago? What the hell's going on? Maybe we should've called it "The Weird Lovemakers Have Never Been Happier or More Fufilled".

Okay, that's enough for now. Looks like you're free to use the rest of your time today sending people crack. Chow, eyebrow.

Well folks, it looks like the new record will be released later than we'd originally thought & that means we're gonna have to push back our tour plans til maybe late summer or early fall (if we can even swing it then). Yeah, it sucks but we've all got bills to pay/ jobs to work/ all that usual bullshit that keeps bands from heading out of town (plus the added hassle of having members in different states thrown in on top of that). Anyhow, we'll keep you posted; sorry for the endless wait. Thanks again to all the folks who've been emailing us about the tour & the new record. Talk to you soon.

Hey everybody, sorry for the wait... we've actually been busy doing stuff. Our new CD/LP ("The Weird Lovemakers Must Die") is all finished up (mixing, graphics, etc) & it's getting printed & pressed and all crap that RIGHT NOW. It's gonna be out in late April from Empty US, the rest of the basic info (cover image, song titles) can be gleaned here.

So we're gearing up for a tour this summer as well, looks like it'll take up most of the month of June & will essentially take us up & down the West Coast as well as into Mexico. We'll post those dates as soon as we know 'em; really looking forward to getting back on the road & seeing everybody.

The other time consuming thing has been this Weird Lovemakers video project ("The Weird Lovemakers: They Do Everything") that's underway right now. All the tapes have been collected (unless YOU have something you'd like to send us; there's still a little time), and the rough edits should begin this week under the exacting supervision of noted director & optimist Mike Plante. Lots of live footage, some otherwise unreleased songs, non-live tomfoolerey, a couple of videos & the obligitory "surprises". It's going to be swell, honest Abe.

All recent record orders are shipping this weekend and hey, check back every once in a while 'cause the website's gonna be undergoing an ongoing series of updates & changes over the next month or two. Later.

Okay. Mistakes were made. No news or updates for a couple of months, sure, we can admit it. Are you happy now? Anyway, here's the latest skinny on all things Lovemaker:

"Back 20" is out and you can pick it up all over locally (well, PDQ at least) & mail order will be handled by Star Time & (I think) Get Hip.

We finished up recording our new studio album for Empty US (yeah, that's what they're called now, read AAAAAALLLL about it on their site), and it oughtta be out in a few months or so. It's great, we've never been happier, and so on (no, really). Here's a sneak of the front & back covers, both photos are from our last show in Tucson at Club Congress.

Okay, there's actually a lot more but that's all the time we can spare. Good luck getting into the new year everyone. See you on the other side, respect the rock, etc, etc.

Mang! Check out Radio Limbo! 103.3 FM! It's Tucson's Pirate Radio station! It doesn't suck! Usually!