Just a quick update to let you all know what's been going on & answer some of the questions we've been getting (special thanks to everyone for all the emails & stuff). Hector IS in SF now, and you can email him here if you'd like. The last show went really well considering all the weird problems we suddenly had (everyone but Greg lost their set lists, Hector's bass wouldn't work so he played guitar (through his bass amp) instead, the sound was for shit, someone carved "fuck" into Hector's chest, etc, etc), we'll post some photos from it pretty quickly so that you can all feast your eyes on Greg & Hector's bloody faces in glorious full color.

We've mixed about half of the new eMpTy CD, and should be able to finish it up by the first week of Nov when we go back in to Waterworks. It's pretty live sounding & all; should be pretty cool when we're done. In a couple of weeks we might post an MP3 or two, or maybe we'll just create a delicious tension by never mentioning it again.

We've gotten a lot of questions about touring, but we've got no plans to play out of town or anything right now; as soon as we all know what's going on we'll let everyone know. Again, thanks to everyone for all the support, all your emails & kind words have been really appreciated.

Well we're up to our last couple of shows 'til Hector moves off to SF. We're playing a house party tonight at Swing Ding Manor (with Los Federales, Swing Ding Amigos, & maybe more), then we're closing up the Club Congress Club Crawl at midnight, Saturday the 7th of October.

Last week we recorded all the basic tracks & most of the vocals for our new CD that eMpTy is gonna put out (pretty much whenever they feel like it), and it OUGHTTA all be mixed in a couple of days. It's called "The Weird Lovemakers Must Die" & we'll post a track listing as well as maybe a sneak mp3 peak w/in the week if we can get it together.

Okay, what else? Oh yeah, our new CD for Star Time (that's "Back 20" to you) is 97% out! The printer is finishing up the covers even as you read, so feel free to pester Star Time for copies all the livelong day.

The "Live: Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake" CD is getting pretty great reviews everywhere (we'll post 'em soon), and that's pretty fucking cool. If you haven't bought it yet, kindly run right out & do so. Blake (sorry, "Blake eMpTy") could really use the money for all those imported hair care products he's become addicted to.

We've played a few great shows lately but the news on those will have to wait. Just go see the Richie Whites & The Fun People, okay? And go see The Dictators & The Pinkz too, though we haven't played with either of them.

Okay, think that's it for now, but stay tuned.

Howdy folks, there's a bunch of new MP3s for you to check out over on the Sounds & Videos page (they'll have the little thing next to them); 8 songs off the two new CDs (the recently released "Live: Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake" and the it'll - be - out - any - fucking - day - now "Back 20"), a few songs from comps we've been on, and a couple of otherwise unreleased cover songs we did live on KDVS Radio out in Davis, CA back in 1998 (DEVO & Foghat, no surprise there, right?). There's also a load of gorgeous Weird Lovemakers flyers for you to feast your eyes upon on our Images page. They span from the very old to the very new & there's over 40 of them, all in stunning black & white. Thanks to everyone who sent scans of their flyers in, your no-prizes have already been mailed.
All right, so like we said before, Hector's gonna move to San Francisco around mid-October. The little fucker seems to think he'll have more fun in a city brimming over with sex, bands & cool people than he will if he sticks around in the musically bereft, barren desert land of Tucson, but we'll see. Anyway, that means that we've got to ACT FAST & record our latest chunk of songs RIGHT AWAY, and that's JUST WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO. We're going into Waterworks around the first of October, and the plan is that eMpTy will put the record out & we'll still tour behind it no matter where Hector's living (unless it really sucks that is). That's the good news. The bad news (right?) is that otherwise we're pretty much going to be on ice until then (unless Hector moves back, or we all move there, or something along those lines). So hey, enjoy your Weird Lovemaker vacation, come see our final round of Tucson shows (ought to be listed here) & buy us lots of drinks! Thanks a lot everyone and we'll post more news as things develop, promise.

All right, the website's back (see July News for the overly optimistic forecast of the "server transition"). Man that sucked. Okay, no time right now, but a lot of stuff is going on & there'll be a heaping update real quick, promise. In the meantime, check out our Upcoming Shows, 'cause that's all there's gonna be for a while since Hector's moving to San Francisco!

Hey! Check out Radio Limbo! 103.3 FM! It's Tucson's Pirate Radio station! It doesn't suck! Usually!