Well we just got off a couple of great fucking shows with the great fucking band Geraldine. First was the always cool time in Nogales, Mexico with The Pork Torta & The Weaklings (both of whom were totally on) & then a week later here in Tucson at The Plaza Pub with Los Federales (who opened with an Eddie & the Subtitles cover!). Both shows were really packed & all told it was about as much fun as Tucson is likely to come across for a really long time.

There's also two new sets of pictures that've been added to the website; more live shots and a few, I don't know, NOT live shots. That's all beside the point though, the lesson to be learned today is: get drunk & go see any of the bands you just read about. That should be easy enough.

Heaps of flyers (well, 45) have been added to the images page, with more to come. In fact, if anyone's got any Weird Lovemakers flyers sitting around that aren't up on the site already (especially non Tucson shows), we'd be damn pleased if you'd make us a copy & either email it to us or send it off to the PO box (PO BOX 3775 / Tucson, AZ / 85722), there's bound to be something we could send back to you in return (not that we will or anything, but there's just bound to be something).

Hey we've added some videos to the site! All you need to have installed in order to watch them on your computer is Real Player, and chances are you already do (but if you don't, be sure to download the free version, you really don't need the $29.99 upsell model). There's a couple of clips from an all DEVO cover set we did here in Tucson a little while back (shot by local frustrated film maker Mike Plante), and a few songs taken from a video made of us in Portland, OR in 1999 by our pal Heath Heemsbergen (The Fells, The Vultures, Rooster for Free, etc). There's a couple of reviews that've been added to the site as well, but they really only serve to stroke our attention starved egos, right?