Hi everyone, it's been a little while, so here's a quick rundown on the latest Weird Lovemakers activities: we played a show with our "new lineup" of Greg on drums and Gerard on guitar (and sometimes Gerard on bass, with Hector on guitar) at the 7 Black Cats last weekend. We pretty much sucked (at least 6 strings between 4 guitars were broken), but at least now everyone knows what Gerard looks like without all those drums in front of him, and everyone seemed to have a, you know, "good time". We'll probably play a few more shows this way until Gerard's shoulder is better & he can drum again, so look forward to more stupid covers & slow, problem filled sets! Yeah! Anyway, the show was a record release for The Blacks debut full length L.P. "Hate You Like Gold" on Chemical Valley records (POB 77142 Tucson, AZ 85703), and you oughtta run right out & pick up a copy. Other bands who played and didn't suck were Coomers Explosion (supposedly they have a new CD out as well, but nobody's seen a copy.), the tasty & fat free Swing Ding Amigos and Tucson's muchachas espectaculares del punk, The Wrecks.

Not too many site updates to speak of, but a few stories that Greg wrote have been added to the words page, with more on the way. There are a few plot lines that got recycled into Weird Lovemakers songs (as well as Swonk comics, pick up lines, etc), but they've still got that peculiar Petix point of view that everyone has no doubt grown to love. Okay, that's it for now. Tune in next time when we'll fill you in on Jason's porn film debut (and no, he's not naked. Sorry.).