Hey everyone! Get your Wu Names! Go to & step to the mic to find out. Just for the record:
Weird Lovemakers = Flippant She-Creature
Hector Jaime = Bellowing Rap Machine
Greg Petix = Loose-Lipped Controller
Gerard Schumacher = Sullen Choirboy
Jason Willis = Tha Ever So Weary Assistant

Yeah, they repeat themselves.

There's been a couple of updates to the site recently, so here's a quick list: an MP3 of "Sampoerna High" has been added to the sounds & videos page, the Discography page has been brought up to speed (along with individual links for most of the releases) and the Play Guitar, The Weird Lovemakers Way insert from the Irving single has been re-tooled for online viewing, and can now be, you know, viewed online.

Just a few quick updates; we've added a Real Video of the original Weird Lovemakers movie trailer from 1962 to our sounds & videos page, so now you can see where the name of the band came from, and check out the visuals that go with the sounds you may've heard on the Electric Chump CD (and if you want to pick up a copy of the actual movie, you should check out Something Weird Video, the best source for exploitation films around). Everything else that we've been up to is just the usual band stuff; played a fun show (the club crawl at Club Congress), finished mixing the "Live: Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake" CD that eMpTy is gonna put out, traded some rare Pokemon cards for a few Magic: The Gathering cards, etc. Okay, that's enough for now, huh?

Because we care so damn much, you can now view all three collections of SWONK whenever you fucking feel like it! Click over to our images page and cuddle up with The Pocket Swonk, Howling Swonk or A Moon, A Girl... Swonk. Have a good time! Wash your hands, okay?

Progress as promised! The first collection of the Petix & Cilla comic strip known as SWONK is yours to see from our images page. Now you can peer as far as you want inside the sad, fucked up & comic book obsessed brain of our singer & guitarist, Mr. Gregory Petix... and all from the respectable distance that the internet allows! Two more volumes are on their way! Drink deep, pal!

Not too much time, so here's the quick skinny on what we've been up to lately: played a fun, drunken show with a couple of great bands out of Austin, TX last weekend: Ignornace Park & Cruel & Unusual... in fact you can check out a brief review (if you speak spanish) somewhere here on (there's even an MP3 of "La Indesicion Pesa Mas Que Mi Huevos" off of Electric Chump to be found there courtesy of our pal "Rockin'" Raul). And hey, The Secret Lover himself, Toby (ex-Motards) Marsh even made it into town for the show! We love Toby! Buy everything Toby puts out on his Mortville record label and make him rich!

The progress on all the other projects we keep claiming to be working on is still moving at the usual, ahem, breakneck Weird Lovemaker pace. The Back 20 CD (see the Feb News for details) should be back from the plant "any day now" & all the packaging & such is "nearly done". We're mixing the live album "tonight" & the graphics should be ready "pretty quickly", so everyone can start holding their breath... now.

Aside from the addition of the "Get Uptight" video to the Sounds & Videos page, website wise there hasn't been too much action lately; some back end code was fixed up, a few graphics were fucked with, some new links were added, etc. But soon ("soon" that is) we'll be posting a ton of installments of SWONK, the weekly comic strip that Greg thought up & the mighty Chris Cilla (who also plays bass for The Pork Torta) rendered, so, you know, get ready.