Hey everyone, we'll be moving the Weird Lovemakers site over to a new server w/in the next week, so there's been (yet another) lull in the adding of new stuff to the site. After the move is complete (and everything seems to be okey-dokey), there'll be an influx of new crap for you all to poke around & view.

No real news band-wise, the live cd has been getting a good response from folks & we've been cobbling together the start of an odds & wads type disc that'll have all of our singles & comp tracks (and the like) on it. The "Back 20" disc continues to postpone it's birth with hang up after hang up at the pressing plant, but perhaps by the end of August it'll be a done deal.

Gerard (he of the fucked up arm) is in the midst of a tour right now, playing bass for (bitter, cranky) Tucson punks Los Federales, and is sure to be having a fine time. They'll be hitting the West coast for at least another week, so the more adventurous among you should catch them and make fun of Gerard's accent for the rest of us so that he doesn't get too homesick.

Any obsessive record collector types out there should check out Rhino Handmade, as they have a few limited, numbered, internet-only releases that you might want to know about (including The Stooges "Complete Fun House Sessions" boxed set; a 7 disc monster with 133 unreleased tracks that compose the entirety of the recording sessions for the second Stooges record).

Here's a good one to close with, and it's totally true. An undisclosed member of the Weird Lovemakers (okay, it was Jason) went to the San Diego Comic Book Convention last weekend (yeah, he knows) and while there saw Mr. Glenn Danzig get scolded by a (female, overweight, black, short) traffic cop for trying to walk outside of the pedestrian corral that leads to the convention center (it was crowded with geeks, and was a little slow moving). She clapped her hands & said "excuse me, Mr. PEDESTRIAN, but we're going to walk where the PEDESTRIANS walk today because that's what we are, we're PEDESTRIANS" in a very condescending tone while fat men in Wolverine T-Shirts laughed at him. He & his bodyguard were then sent to the back of the line. Not 100% positive, but it was probably the greatest thing that's ever happened.

Okay, see you all on the other side!

How do you like that? A brand new record out & NO NEWS FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF JUNE! Can we market ourselves or what? Weird Lovemakers! Weird Lovemakers! Well anyway, we've got a new CD out there, it's the live one that we've talked about for some time & now it actually exists. It's called "Live: Bigger Than A Cookie, Better Than A Cake" and it seemed like a good title at the time, believe us. Recorded (you can skip this part if you've been with us for a while) at The Breakroom in Seattle, WA last year on Jason's birthday of June 18th totally without us knowing it. We actually didn't find out for a few months until Blake from eMpTy called us up to see if we wanted to put it out. Geniuses that we are (and make no mistake about it, we ARE geniuses), we argued about it for like 3 months before finally deciding to do it, and then we decided that it'd be a bright idea to give any money that it might actually make (well, there's always a chance) right back to eMpTy 'cause of this stupid, fucked up lawsuit thing they're in (an old "partner" is suing them for the name of the label & releasing psudeo legit (& totally crappy) records in Europe w/ the same logo). So ANYWAY, the point is that the damn thing's out, and you can buy it any old place you feel like. You can buy it from eMpTy, you can buy it from Mordam, hell you can buy it from Amazon if you want. Just buy it soon, 'cause there's only 1,000 of them (that was the the OTHER brilliant decision we made) and chances are that's all there'll ever be. It's the full show, no overdubs or edits or funny business. We even kept in the audience favorite "Weird Lovemaker String Break"© as well as the soon-to-be-classic "Weird Lovemaker Pull The Guitar Cord Out Of The Amp While Playing A Song"© (sadly, the "Weird Lovemaker 'Am I In Tune?' Call And Response"© was not a part of the recorded performance). So there it is, a new product that's sure to make your life complete & fill the aching void you have for New! Live! Rock! Buy early & buy often!

What else you say? It's been a month you say? Well, not too much, pal. We're still sorta out of action while we wait for Gerard's shoulder to heal. We played a few shows doing the switch around, and even tried one with another drummer, but it looks like it'll be about one more month before we return to any kind of schedule. Yeah, sure we've been writing songs & all that other kind of crap, but as far as way-out live shenanigans (like the ones featured on our New! Live! CD!), no dice.

There's gonna be a ton of new stuff added to the site this month, more MP3s (10 or so if all goes well) and a heap of new flyers & photos (thanks to everyone who's contributed). A few songs were actually added in June, but there wasn't any hype so you might've missed 'em, they're here, and they're off our 2nd & 3rd singles.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, we were supposed to fill everyone in on Jason's porn film debut this time around, but there's this whole multi-media pictures & video angle that would have to be put together if it was going to be done right, so you'll just have to wait for now. Let's just say that it was really stupid, and he looks like a damn fool.

Okay! Sorry for the delay & we'll do this again real soon, promise. Thanks to everyone for all the record orders & such, everything's shipping out this week. No shit.

Hey! Check out Radio Limbo! 103.3 FM! It's Tucson's Pirate Radio station! It doesn't suck! Usually!